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From pets to extra baggage.

You have chosen to fly via private jet for one main reason: convenience. The efficiency with which you board and the timeliness of your arrival is of the utmost importance. From our in-flight staff to our on-the-ground service representatives, every step of your journey will be smooth and easy.


While there is no baggage limit per say, there is aircraft weight and dimensional limits.  With this in mind, make sure to tell your account representative if you have larger bags or odd shaped boxes.   By knowing this we are able to accommodate you with the proper aircraft.    Golf clubs, skis, walking sticks…no problem!  Just let us know beforehand!

Arrival Services

As part of our standard service, we can arrange transportation, accommodations and meeting rooms at your point of arrival. 
Should you require additional assistance, a private concierge is available. Our concierge can assist you in booking villas, hotels and excursions in addition to recommending fine dining establishments and entertainment.

Have Pets?

Your pet is part of your family, and there is no reason why they can’t fly private class with you!  This is why we’ll gladly arrange a seating area for your pet. For dogs it’s recommended that you bring their favourite sleeping blanket or pad for their comfort on board. Some animals prefer to be in their travel case so we recommend that you bring one with you just in case they get disoriented.

With smaller animals such as cats, ferrets, birds and younger animals (kittens, puppies), we ask that they are inside their travel case. Snakes and reptiles should be in an enclosed carry case at all times for safety reasons.

Other Services

Please contact one of our representatives for any other special needs or requirements for departure and/or arrival.


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