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Falcon 20F-5
Private Jet Charter Toronto

Interesting Notes

Our Falcon's longest leg was from
Toronto to San Jose, Costa Rica
a total of 5hrs 52 min

The airframe and gear on the
Falcon 20 were built rigid, to land
on Aircraft Carriers .

The Falcon 20F-5 can fly to Europe
with just 1 quick 30 minute fuel stop
in Gander or Iceland.

Our sound proofed interior keeps
noise levels low, reducing fatigue.

Falcon 20F-5 private jet picture
Range: 2400nm (4400km) Speed: 466 knots (863km/h)
Take-off Weight: 30,325lbs Seats: 9
Manufacture: Dassault Engines: Garrett TFE-731-5BR
Length: 56' 3" Wingspan: 53' 7"
Cabin Length: 24' 4" Cabin Width: 6' 1"
Seat Width: 22" Cabin Height: 5' 7"

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